4 Useful Tips for Home Organization

Rome was not built in one day, so is the home organization. If you want to keep your home thoroughly organized, you have to be mindful of the smallest habits. Form the good organization habit is the first step to build a well-organized and clean living environment. Otherwise, no matter how many times you organize your home, it would be in a state of chaos in few hours! Here are some home organization tips that you can start from.

Organize the door entry

The entry place supposed to place shoes. But many people piles lots of clutter here. Not to mention the items people bring from outside, the shoes itself are in a mess state. Therefore, keep them in good order first. If your shoes are too many, you may change a larger shoe cabinet or sort out the shoes which will not be used for a particular season. And install some hooks above the shoe cabinet so that they can be used to place little stuff such as your bags and scarves. Form the good habit that when you pick out one and put the replaced one in at the same time.

Apply the furniture with storage function

Especially for the living room, sofa often has other stuffs on it. Take me for an example. When I come home from work, I often throw my bags and scarf on the sofa, which makes the tidy sofa seems not so beautiful. Apply the furniture with storage function can help a lot for home organization. More storage space means more ways to hide clutter.  If you do not have time to organize the living room, just put these clutters in and find a leisure time to organize in another day. Still, the habit is very important, as long as you insist for 30 days you will form the good habit. Iam trying insisting changing my bad habit.

Set a reading nook instead of piling books on the bedside table

We all know that stop learning means you are dying. But the right place to read and learn matters. We are often lying on the bed to read books. Though only a short time, we piles tens of books here. If you really want to take some time and learn something, set a reading nook and read it here, which is much effective. Besides, set a small bookshelf beside the reading nook so that we will not pile books and magazines everywhere.

Make the drawers clear at a glance

Though the inside stuff are seldom seen by others, it is very inconvenient to store and find articles. The drawers may be filled with all kinds of stuff such as paper, pen and scissors. Every time, we need something, we have to open all the drawers one by one to find it. Why not make it sorted out and give them labels. In this way, we can save a lot of time from searching and form the form the good organizing habit. Find more info about the nursery wall decal here.

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