5 Ways to Makeover Your Home For Spring

Spring is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time of year to makeover your home’s interior design.  Before you start reaching for the paint pot and brushes, you don’t always have to go this far to add interest to your home’s interior.  Whether you’re a home owner or renting your property, here are 5 ideas to put into action this spring that will have your property looking picture-perfect in no time at all!

1. Revel in a new rug

Gorgeous modern rugs are luxuriously soft underfoot and add cosiness, warmth and style to any room. From New Zealand sheepskin rugs to deep-pile shaggy rugs and hardwearing polypropylene floral design rugs, there are loads of different styles to choose from.  Opt for polypropylene for halls and children’s bedrooms, and stick for softer, deep-pile rugs for your sitting room; sinking your feet into one of these beauties at the end of a long day at work is heaven!  For a fresh spring look, choose mint or apple green, neutral shades, vibrant turquoise and pretty pastels.


2. Mix up your accessories

Adding some new accessories to your home is a great way to makeover your interiors without resorting to redecorating.  Scented candles, cushion covers, pictures and curtains can all add interest and are easy to change with the seasons.  Consider ditching your heavy, lined winter curtains and instead invest in some blinds and voiles for spring, to let the light into your home.  Scented candles with the fresh smell of clean linen or green apples are perfect for spring, and you can co-ordinate your cushion covers with your new curtains to tie the whole look together.

3. Create a feature

Rather than redecorating your own home, why not create a feature in your living room?  Wall decals are the perfect, temporary way to add interest and can be easily removed with soap and water if you decide to change them, or when you move home. You’ll find sites offering custom decals, or choose a favourite quote or words for a personalised touch.

4. De-clutter your home

You may not think de-cluttering is making over your home, but things will look much brighter once you remove all the useless clutter lying around. Start by clearing things at ground level – why not invest in pretty new storage for items you actually need to keep? Colourful printed vintage crates are great for storing books and DVD’s or you could invest in a vintage trunk for storage, which can double as a stylish coffee table.

5. It’s the little things

Little touches make all the difference, so why not buy a new set of mugs, shiny new cutlery or some brightly coloured crockery for spring? Not only will this make mealtimes more exciting, it’s also a good way to impress guests!

These 5 ideas have hopefully given you some inspiration to makeover your home just in time for spring , so prepare to be the envy of friends and family as you create a space that’s uniquely yours! Just a few simple touches can add interest and inject your own personality into your home, and will be well worth the effort for the stunning results you’ll achieve.

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