Bedroom Style: Is Minimalist Best?

The minimalist style has been adopted in living rooms and kitchens around the USA for a few years, but it is only just being transferred to the bedroom. A minimalist bedroom isn’t just style over substance – it can also help you feel calm and comfortable before getting a good night’s sleep.

Nothing could be truer to the phrase ‘tidy room, tidy mind’, than a minimalist style bedroom.  For years we were preached to about keeping our bedroom tidy by our parents, no doubt you do the same now if you have kids. Instead of making tidying up an unwelcome chore, why not integrate it as part of your design?

Whether you agree that minimalist is the best or still need some convincing, take a look through these tips on how to achieve the perfect minimalist bedroom.

Simple Colours

One of the main aspects of the minimalist bedroom is the colour. You could either opt for a monochrome look or choose one bold colour to add a splash of personality; blues, purples and greens can work particularly well.

Natural flooring

Wooden flooring is the perfect match for a minimalist style bedroom, but Palmetto Road handscraped hardwood flooring are even better. Alternatively, if you want to take your minimalism to the extreme, you could paint the flooring white for a really clean look.

Go Japanese

The minimalist look is often associated with the Zen-like style in Japan and other eastern countries, so that’s a good place to start if you’re looking for some design inspiration. White walls with red or black as the accent colour is particularly popular.


To achieve a truly minimalist look, you will need to have plenty of space and no clutter. As such, you’ll need to invest in suitable storage for all your belongings. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for the bedroom, such as an ottoman, under-bed storage and fitted wardrobes.

Avoid the ‘office-come-bedroom’

If you have a desk lurking in the corner of your bedroom, get rid of it straight away. Whilst the office-come-bedroom may be convenient for catching up with work, it will completely ruin your minimalist look. Don’t forget that minimalism is also about achieving a Zen-like atmosphere – something that can’t be done with the constant reminder of work.

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