Essential Remodeling Advice For Your Old Kitchen – Must Read

A Kitchen that is over ten years old will probably start to look past its best. I suppose it all depends on how well you look after it; I know someone who will not use the cooker for fear of it getting dirty. The usual areas of wear and tear are the counters, drawer fronts, and cabinet doors. The room can also start to become dated as design trends change over time.

Do you need to replace all of the fixtures and fittings to make it look beautiful again? I think not. I remodelled several rooms for homeowners who couldn’t afford a brand new installation, and I will share some of the techniques with you. Most people who know how to use a drill and a saw can perform the upgrades as a DIY project; it isn’t rocket science.


To modernise the kitchen, you must address the lighting. A single fluorescent fitting looks ugly, but it is easy to replace. Buy a twelve volt LED down light kit. You can install all of the lights and the transformer, and leave the final connection to an electrician. You should also install LED striplights under the wall cabinets to illuminate the worktop and make the room look warm and inviting in the evening.  Another option is to have a lot of windows in your kitchen, they bring it a lot of natural light that can really brighten the whole room.  Schantz Home Improvement Company can help install the new windows and recommend the best location for the windows..

The Floor

There are several flooring options available to you. Tiles are robust and easy to clean, but they make a cold and unforgiving surface. If you want to add a touch of class and opulence to the room, check out timber flooring in Perth. The deep, rich tones of the beautiful exotic wood will enhance any home. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to something special.

Doors & Drawers

Unless yours is a bespoke kitchen installation, the doors and drawer fronts will be a standard size and easy to replace. You may have to make holes in them for the hinges, so measure the old ones accurately and copy them. You have the option to install some new catches too. The push to open and push to close action means that you no longer need to use handles. Make the room look fresh with products in up to date shades.


Replacement laminated chipboard counters are cheap and available in any DIY store. They are simple to replace. Remove the old ones and use them to mark the new worktops before you cut them to size.


It isn’t usually possible to integrate the appliances without installing new cabinets, but you can replace the  microwave, fridge and cooker cheaply these days. Buy white items so that they match each other and enhance the kitchen.

The upgrades only take a few days to complete if you plan well and organise the materials in advance. Steam clean the wall tiles and scrape out the grout before applying new if necessary. Your kitchen will look like a gleaming new installation without spending a fortune. Sometimes you have to accept the things you can do and the things you can’t. You will enjoy this project because it has a dramatic impact on your home.

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