Get Exact Photo’s & Location Of Real House using App android App is one of the best real estate App for finding perfect rent or PG in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and many more places of India. have come up with best facility for students and service man looking for house rent or PG hostel.

It is one of the important step taken by,  making home loan more easy for our new generation to find rents, PG, hostels & houses for purchase etc. By visiting you can easily check many houses and see reasonable price for yourself.  There are certain requirements of house owners, asking you to deposit security money.

Sometimes we fail to fulfill the requirement after being fully satisfied with everything, here in you find every details about the housing, rent, real pictures, outlook, security amount etc. It is just perfect for anyone, who looks for house rent or hostel. It is never easy to go in new place and get secure place & house for rent, Real estate Android App allows you to get all details from your phone once it’s installed. For House Rent:

In there are lots of apartments for sale, best place to find house rent under our budget, easy to find PG & hostels according to what we need. The layout of the is so easy to navigate and easy to understand for all device users mobile, tablet or desktop etc.

This site also opens very quickly with slow internet along with Google map integration, which helps a lot in understanding the location.


If you are looking for a good rent house in Bangalore or Mumbai you can choose the location, search fpr the perfect house under your limited budget.

When you first access to you first get few options in homepage for rent or Hostels & PG or you want to buy house. If you are looking for rent click on Rent, and enter name of the area.  Now you also get a choice to select your budget like 3000+ to 7000+ for example in this way you can set your limits. There are no hidden extra fees, as security money deposit is also clearly mentioned in it.

Area: Now if you are looking for rent on some area as suitable for you, using Google Map you can all the house located on particular area. Also we need Good atmosphere to live our daily living safely, hence you can get some honest reviews about the local area place. While moving to a never possible to know whether it is safe or not.

Hence, taking care of that has taken best step by providing major important features.

Will Still Choose going house by house or just Download App?

We would definitely sit at home and download the housing android App, to start exploring more details about houses & Local areas atmosphere by saving ton’s of precious time.

What would you do?? Make your own decision!!

Wise people Choose Android App, It’s your turn.

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