Home Accents From Everyday Items

Today most of the items that are used to decorate homes are known as decorative accents. These can be everyday items that are given a special touch of paint or used in ways other than their normal functions, thus turning them into decorative accents for homes. There are several such items that interior designers work with. Many home owners who have such a sense of décor, usually find themselves turning everyday and mundane items into objects of art and using them to decorate their homes. Here are some unique examples.

Glass Bowls

Do you have dessert bowls that you seldom use? Many home owners often find that pudding sets or other large glass bowls lie unused for long. Indeed, many home owners refrain from putting them to daily use as they are prone to easy breakage. With such a property, most glass bowls become dysfunctional. However, instead of storing them away, these could be put to decorative uses. You could order in glass gems or beads of different color and forms and use them to fill the glass bowl. Such a beads filled glass bowl can act as a decorative accent in different living spaces.

Glass Or Clear Plastic Jars

We often land up with more jars than we need to recycle. If you find more and more glass jars storing up and having to be thrown, you could opt to paint some. With oil paint and a bit of art, these jars could be transformed into colorful and artistic jars. These can then be filled with colorful stones or used as vases for putting fresh flowers in. You could even have plants in such jars to decorate your kitchen or backyard.

Old Photos

Have you considered making a collage of the old photos that have become discolored over time? All you need is a sturdy piece of cardboard to put all the photos in bits and pieces to form an interesting collage. Photos from magazines or newspapers could also be used. Such a collage could then be framed in glass and put up on the wall to form an interesting home accent piece.

Discarded Furniture And Other Items

Do you have a rocking chair that is too old to sit on? Or a kettle that has become black with use? Use such items in interesting ways to make a charming home accent for any corner. The old kettle can be painted and put up on a table or mantelpiece. You could even use it to keep flowers on your kitchen ledge. The old chair painted and with cushions, could make any corner of your living room or patio a cosy place. In such ways, you could get ideas to liven up your home. The Gemnique Decorative Accents is one website that can offer you unique ideas. This portal also offers a large range of glass beads and gems to order from: gemnique.com. Such sites have the right raw materials to help you plan interesting home décor projects or creations for your clients.

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