Packaging Design Trends as Evident These Days

If you are into packaging designs, you will surely have more chance to express yourself creatively these days than what the past trends in the industry allowed their designers. As with any phenomenon that matures over the years, packaging design has also evolved and so has the attitude of the consumers towards the packaging of the products they purchase or how they relate or react to the packaging designs these days.

Being Authentic in Visual Appeal

As the mere benefits and functionalities of packaging are taken care of by the modern technologies, the packaging design creative professionals are concentrating more on the branding appeal of the packaging designs. As a result, many are diverting from the normalized typography and the standard images and prints to something that is more authentic and uncommon. Hence, many are going back to the basics and producing packaging that is hand written, is stark and poured with simple illustrations and a natural color palette that need not be crowded with too many images or prints.

Stressing On Honesty and Quality

People are veering away from the established brands and products and experimenting more these days. As packaging and manufacturing standards have evolved, there is a certain trust factor that is developed even when trying new products in the market. The trend is towards trying out items that seem uncomplicated, have a more homely or even vintage appeal. These are the qualities that are being portrayed through the packaging designs as found in which generate a sense of trust and quality in the minds of the consumers.

Understated Designs That Portray Luxury

Many luxury brands are known to opt for understated design elements for their packaging. That is a way they reflect the fine tastes and mature mind set of their customers. Once established as a luxury brand, there is no need to state the obvious or present oneself overly glamorous in the hands of the customers. Packaging of many goods is thus being focused on tactile textures and understated color palettes. In this post recession era the luxury brands are looking at packaging with subtle design appeal.

Stress on Pure White and Stark Packaging Designs

Many brands are taking upon the simplistic approach when it comes to packaging of their goods. Less is more as it brings on more focus on the brand logo and eliminates any distraction in the form of unwanted messages, information and other text. Hence, minimal text and pure white or other pastel shades are being increasingly used in packaging of different products these days. There is more stress on shapes, patterns and less on traditional logos with words.

The trends do not end here. There’s an emerging trend of bio based packaging where the packaging material is biodegradable and consumable as well. Many are sourcing packaging materials as the base products from several bulk shopping portals like

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