Top Trending Eco-friendly Worktops

Eco chic is invading the interior design world marrying eco-friendly materials with stunning design details.Worktops have become the darling of the kitchen with growing demand for high end finishes. Here are the top trending eco-friendly countertops gourmet kitchens are using around the world :

  • IceStone: This worktop hales from Brooklyn, NY and is attractive but not so practical. It is high maintenance requiring a sealing at least twice a year. However there is no doubt it is stunning.Because it is made from recycled glass it comes in a myriad of designer colours suited to any kitchen. It has not made its way over to Europe yet which could make it a costly endeavour.
  • CaesarStone: Createdin Italy this worktop is 93 percent quartz aggregates and is now available globally. From a design standpoint it is really only suited to the kitchen looking for an alternative to natural stone.It is less maintenance than most worktops and comes in a number of styles and colors as well. It is interesting to note that the amount of recycled and sustainable materials used is actually dependant on the colour you choose.
  • Eco: This is a low maintenance worktop but is very low impact as well. It does not come in the colour choices associated with most other high end worktops and is therefore a little drab compared to its counterparts.
  • Bamboo: Yes, bamboo. Bamboo has made a smashing addition to sustainable flooring and now you can add it to your worktops too. Available in rich colours that add a very distinct look to your kitchen, it won’t work in every design scheme. However they offer a nice, durable work surface albeit a little impractical should you knock over a glass of red wine.
  • Squak Mountain Stone: Don’t let the name throw you. This offers an edgy worktop that actually started out as a grad projectand now lives as a worktop choice made in Seattle. It is made of fibrous cement containing recycled materials including paper and glass. It is very industrial in appearance and not so practical in wear.
  • PaperStone: As the name implies this is a product comprised of 100 percent recycled paper. It has been solidified with cashew liquids which really sounds hippy dippy and of course it is. However it has a very pleasing aesthetic much like wood worktops. It is durable, but does not work well with cleaners, especially bleach.
  • Bespoke Glass: This is truly one of the best choices from a design standpoint as well for durability and hygiene. Bespoke glass can be custom designed to fit any worktop, is affordable and can be custom made in any colour of the rainbow. G.H Glass seems to be a Glass Company London based architects and designers are used more and more these days, although there are plenty out there… just do a bit of research. It is a very hygienic surface that does not allow any bacteria to collect and can be easily wiped clean. Nothing will permeate a glass worktop including red wine or yellow mustard.

As you can see there is a myriad of choices for the on trend decorator looking for sustainable worktops.

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